2021 Scholarship Recipients

2021 Royal Poinciana Fiesta Scholarship Recipients



Katrina BobsonKatrina Bobson
Katrina wants to study Environmental Science. She will be attending Berry College in the fall. Katrina’s interest in plants drew her to work with rare native orchids. She conducted an experiment on the orchid Encyclia attroputpurea and Prosthechea cochleate to show that orchid seeds could be cryo-preserved for thousands of years. This process does not affect the growth or germination and can be grown like a normal orchid. With this knowledge she knows that other plants and trees can be preserved. Katrina won the Dade County Science and Engineering Fair and was invited to attend the State level of competition. She also received the Outstanding Agronomic Award given by Florida International University for her work with cryopreservation. Katrina traveled to Costa Rica where she learned organic gardening techniques and studied bird migration. Katrina’s interest are not only the biosphere but the ocean. Katrina is PADI certified and has been working on redesigning coral stands for coral regeneration. She has just received a special PADI certification for cleaning corals.




Emilie Gebara
Emilie wants to study Biology. She will be attending FIU in the fall. In college she wants to deepen her understanding of diverse interdisciplinary units of study that include plant biology, cellular and sub-cellular biology, animal biology, clinical biology as well as enhance her knowledge of chemistry concepts.





Carole Saint-Hilaire Carole Saint-Hilaire

Carole would like to study psychology. She will be attending University of Chicago in the fall. She would like to be an advocate for better mental health practices for people in the community. She has volunteered at His House Children’s Home as well as vacation Bible school.


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