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The index contains pictures of the plants and flowers and textual information of each species.
If you would like to contribute pictures information or suggestions please contact us.

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ABUTILON CHITTENENDI - Malvaceae - A small tree with yellow flowers with an orange center. Long time Winter bloomer. Evergreen.

ACACIA ALBIDA - Apple ring cassia - Leguminosae - Tree up to 60' with fragrant creamy white flowers in spikes 3-4" long. Orange-yellow pods.

ACACIA FARNESIANA - Sweet Acacia - Leguminosae - Small tree with fragrant yellow ball-type flowers. Native.

ACACIA SPHAEROCEPHALA - Bull Horn Acacia - Leguminosae

ACROCARPUS FRAXINIFOLIUS - Pink Cedar Tree - Leguminosae - Tall, deciduous timber tree from S.E. Asia. Dense racemes of scarlet flowers.

AGAPANTHUS AFRICANUS - Blue Lily of the Nile - Alliaceae - Vigorous flowering plant to 2'. Usually used as a border or for cut flowers. Native to South Africa.

Adansonia digitata - The African "Tree of Life" or BAOBAB tree

ARTABOTRYS HEXAPETALUS - Ylang-Ylang Vine - Anonaceae - Shrubby vine with fragrant yellow flowers.

BARLERIA CRISTATA - Philippine Violet - Acanthaceae - Shrub to 6'. Spikes of 2" blue tubular flowers. Butterfly attractor.

BAUHINIA CORYMBOSA - Leguminosae - Evergreen vine with pink to lavender flowers. Blooms year round.

BAUHINIA GALPINII - Nasturtium Bauhinia - Leguminosae - Low spreading shrub with brick red flowers.

BAUHINIA MONANDRA - Pink Orchid Tree - Leguminosae - Small semi- deciduous tree with pink flowers. Spring bloomer.

BAUHINIA RUFASCENS - Leguminosae - A small tree or shrub to 6' with racemes of fragrant yellow flowers on drooping branches.

BAUHINIA SP. 'CHINA WHITE" - Leguminosae - White flowers which bloom year round.

BAUHINIA TOMENTOSA - Yellow Orchid Tree or St. Thomas Tree - Leguminosae - A small tree with yellow tulip shaped flowers. Good for the small yard. Beautiful rich green leaves, racemes of white flowers followed by attractive red calyx. Blooms April - November.

BIXA ORELLANA - Annatto or Lipstick Tree - Bixaceae - A small tree with lavender flowers and red seed pods lasting months.

BOMBAX CEIBA - Red Silk Floss Tree - Bombacaceae - Large tree with brilliant red flowers. Deciduous. Winter bloomer.

BOMBAX GLABRA - French Peanut - Bombacaceae - Medium tree. Large flowers with long white stamens have strong fragrance of vanilla. Blooms in late Winter through early Summer. Edible seeds.

BRACHYCHITON ACERIFOLIUM - Australian Flame Tree - Sterculiaceae Medium to large tree. Bright red bell-shaped flowers in Spring.

BRACHYCHITON DISCOLOR - Australian Lacebark - Sterculiaceae - Medium to tall tree. Pink flowers are long bell-shaped. Late Spring bloomer.

Brugmansia cultivar

BRUGMANSIA SPP. - Trumpet Tree - Solanaceae - Large shrub or small tree to 10'. Hanging flowers. Fragrant at night. Variety of colors will be available. Blooms on and off all year.

BRUGMANSIA X CANDIDA - Trumpet Tree - Solanacae - Large shrub or small tree.

BRUNFELSIA NITIDA - Lady of the Night - Solanceae - Shrub to 6' with creamy white flowers year round. Very fragrant at night.

BRUNFELSIA PAUCIFLORA - 'FLORIBUNDA' - Solanaceae - Medium shrub. Flowers are purple with a white eye, and fade as they age.

BRYA EBENUS - Jamaica Rain Tree - Papilionaceae - Evergreen tree from 25'-40'. Yellow or orange flowers cluster in the leaf axis.

BUDDLEIA SP.- Loganiaceae -Shrub with tubular multi-colored flowers. Bottoms of leaves are velvet white. Butterfly attractor.

BULNESIA ARBOREA - Zygophyllaceae - Large tree, but slow grower. Beautiful foliage with gold flowers covering the top of the tree.

BUTEA MONOSPERMA - Flame of the Forest - Leguminosae - Large tree with brilliant orange flowers. Deciduous, Winter bloomer.

CAESALPINIA GILLIESI - Paradise Shrub - Leguminosae - Shrub to 8' with creamy-yellow flowers and long red stamens. Blooms all year.

Caesalpinia granadillo - Bridalveil. A medium sized tree with a medium growth rate and evergreen. Showy flowers are yellow and the fruit is a legume. Prefers full sun and any soil. One of the nice thinks about this tree is the frilly appearance to the foliage. In the last several years this tree is being used in landscapes more. Several of these trees have recently been planted in Miami Spring to see how they do as a tree. The bark is like Crape Myrtle in that it exfoliates from the trunk.

CAESALPINIA MEXICANA - Leguminosae - Small evergreen tree with spikes of yellow flowers. Blooms year round. Good in small yards.

CAESALPINIA PULCHERRIMA - Pride of Barbados - Leguminosae - Small tree or large shrub. Flowers are yellow, orange or hot pink. Long time bloomer from Spring to early Winter.

CAESALPINIA VESICARIA - Leguminosae - Small tree. Leathery leaves and bright yellow pyramids of flowers. Winter bloomer.

CALLIANDRA HAEMATOCEPHALA - Leguminosae - Shrub with powderpuff flowers with red stamens. Blooms on and off all year.

CALOTROPIS PROCERA - Milkweed or Felt Plant - Asclepidaceae - Soft-wooded shrub to 10'. Bell-shaped white flowers and purple tips. Seeds are buried in white floss.

CANANGA ODORATA - Ylang-Ylang - Annonaceae - Medium tree with yellow-lime colored flowers. Beautiful scent. Heaviest blooming in the Fall, but blooms on and off throughout the year.

Carmichaelia odorata—Scented Bloom. This shrub native to New Zealand has flowers like Lonchocarpus. The branches droop with narrow leaves and the white and purple flowers are held above the foliage. Will grow in full sun to part shade and any soil however the better the soil the more spectacular the tree will do. If you known any more about this species notify the Arthur.

CASSIA AFROFISTULA - Dwarf Golden Shower - Leguminosae - Small tree. Bright yellow spikes of flowers. Spring bloomer.

CASSIA ALATA - Candle Bush - Leguminosae - Erect candle-like spikes of golden yellow flowers on a large 6-8' shrub or small tree. Long time bloomer.

CASSIA BICAPSULARIS - Christmas Cassia - Leguminosae - Yellow flowers attract butterflies. Medium-large evergreen shrub.

CASSIA FISTULA - Golden Shower Tree - Leguminosae - Medium tree with racemes of yellow flowers. Spring bloomer.

CASSIA GRANDIS - Pink Shower - Leguminosae - Large, spreading tree with clusters of flowers - rose-pink with yellow throat on 1st opening, changing to salmon with age. Spring bloomer.

CASSIA JAVANICA - Appleblossom Shower - Leguminosae - One of the most popular Cassia trees. Medium sized tree with racemes of pink flowers. Spring bloomer.

CASSIA LAEVIGATA (CASSIA FLORIBUNDA) - Leguminosae - Small tree with yellow-gold flowers. Long time Summer bloomer.

CASSIA QUINQUANGULATA - Leguminosae - Small evergreen tree with bright yellow flowers. Long-time Winter bloomer.

CASSIA SIAMEA - Kassod Tree - Leguminosae - A medium size evergreen tree with yellow spike-like flowers from September through February.

CASSIA SPECTABILIS - Leguminosae - Tree up to 40' with spectacular erect, 1'- 2' with large, cupped, golden yellow flowers, 1 1/2" in diameter.

CASSIA SURATTENSIS - Scrambled Egg Tree - Leguminosae - Small to medium sized tree with bright yellow flowers. Blooms Summer and Fall.

CASTANOSPERMUM AUSTRALE - Leguminosae - Moreton Bay Chestnut - Large tree with sprays of yellow orange-pea flowers.

CAVANILLESIA PLATANIFOLIA - Panama Canoe Tree - Bombacaceae - A rare and remarkable tree. Can grow to 120' tall with a straight trunk up to 8' in diameter and a high-crowned canopy in native Panama - where it has been mostly destroyed. Blooms February-March with small red flowers developing large 5-winged seeds.

CEIBA AESCULIFOLIA - Pochote Kapok - Bombacaceae - Fast growing medium to large tree. Moderate spines on trunk. Large flowers with bronze & white petals which open in late evening.

CEIBA PENTANDRA - The Great Kapok Tree - Bombacaceae - Fast growing large tree with small spines on trunk. Blooms December-January with dense clusters of small bronze and pink flowers. Leafless in bloom, good filtered shade at other times.

CEIBA SP. - Bombacaceae - A new introduction from Ecuador. Very similar to C. aesculifolia. About 25' tall.




CHORISIA SPP. - Pink Floss Silk Tree - Bombacaceae - Large tree. Pink flowers bloom in Fall when the tree is leafless. Spectacular.

CHORISIA SPP. 'SUGAR LOAF X RHODOGNAPHALON' - Bombacaceae - This is a Kampong hybrid between the large 8" hot pink/reddish Sugar Loaf from Brazil and the large white with brown throat Bombax from Ghana. With these spectacular parents the flowers are unusual and have attractive characteristics.

Chorisia (crispiflora type) 
Chorisia chodatii 
Chorisia (pubiflora type) 

CLERODENDRUM BUNGEI - Verbenaceae - Spreading shrub with large lavender-purple flowers. Blooms Spring & Summer and into Fall.

CLERODENDRUM MINAHASSAE - Tube Flower - Verbenaceae - Small tree.

CLERODENDRUM PANICULATUM - Pagoda Flower - Verbenaceae - Small shrub with bright red flowers.

CLERODENDRUM QUADRILOCULARAE 'STARBURST' - Verbenaceae - Large shrub with leaves burgundy underneath and green on top. Burgundy and white flowers resemble a fireworks display. Winter bloomer. Tolerates some shade.

CLERODENDRUM SPLENDENS - Glory Bower Vine -Verbenaceae- Evergreen vining-shrub with bright red flowers. Blooms Fall & Winter.

CLERODENDRUM THOMSONAE - Bleeding Heart Vine - Verbenaceae - Evergreen vine or shrub. Showy flowers red and white. Flowers Spring thru Fall.

CLERODENDRUM WALLICHII - Verbenaceae - Large shrub with attractive shiny green foliage. White flowers bloom in the Winter. Does well in shade or sun.

CLITORIA TERNATEA - Butterfly Pea - Leguminosae - Slender twiner with double bright dark blue-purple flowers.

Clusia rosea—Pitch Apple. A beautiful evergreen tree with large thick waxy leaves that are persistent. This native tree grows to 30' and spreads out. The flowers are 3 inches wide and pink and white followed by apple like fruit. Requires little maintenance and is salt tolerant. Also called the Autograph tree because messages can be inscribed on the leaves. Once I saw “Beam me Scotty” written on a leaf.

COLVILLEA RACEMOSA - Coleville's Glory - Leguminosae - Large tree. Spectacular orange flowers. Fall bloomer. Under-utilized.Native to Madagascar this tree grows to 50' in the wild (smaller in cultivation). Tends to want to be deciduous. Feathery bipinnate leaves can be 30" long.


CORDIA BOISSIERI - White Geiger Tree - Boraginaceae - Small evergreen tree, white flowers with yellow throat. Cold hardy to 28 degrees. Blooms all year.

CORDIA LUTEA - Yellow Geiger - Boraginaceae - Small tree. Canary yellow flowers in clusters. Drought resistant, but less cold resistant than C. boissieri.

CORDIA SEBESTENA - Orange Geiger Tree - Boraginaceae - Small tree with bright orange flowers. Blooms on and off all year. Cold sensitive. Erroneously classified as native.

CORNUTIA GRANDIFOLIA - Verbenaceae - Dense shrub or small tree with large, scented velvety leaves. Profusion of purple flowers held in upright spikes up to a foot long.

COUROUPITA GUIANENSIS - Cannonball Tree - Lecythidaceae - Large tree with creamy-rose colored flowers, fruity aroma. Seeds resemble large round cannon balls - hence its name.

Covillea racemosa—Colville’s Glory. This is a large tree with a narrow crown to 60'. Flowers are in one-sided racemes and orange. Because the flowers are up in the tree canopy you will only know it is blooming when you look at the ground. The fruit is a pod 10" to 12" long and squirrels like the seeds. This tree has been compared to Delonix regia in how beautiful it is. Great fall bloomer as orange flower color goes great with the Halloween and Thanksgiving season.

CRESCENTIA CUJETE - Calabash Tree - Bignoniaceae - Medium sized open tree with yellowish flowers and gourd like fruit.

CYDISTA AEQUINOCTIALIS - Garlic Vine - A 5'-8' South American plant that does well in Florida. Garlic vine has beautiful pink flowers, sometimes with rose or purple colored variation. Needs protection from severe cold. Flowers in Summer through Fall.

Dais cotinifolia (Thymelaeceae) - Common name: PomPom tree. In its native home of South Africa, there are reports of 20-foot specimens, but in cultivation we expect smaller trees. Flower clusters in dense umbels, 3 inches across, appear at the tip of the branches for several weeks into September. They are pale lilac to a delicate pink color, and their fragrance is Daphne-like. In our late Winter to early Spring, they are briefly deciduous.

DATURA 'BLACK METEL' - Solanaceae - Small shrub with upward facing double purple and white flowers.

DAUBENTONIA TRIPETTI - Rattlebox Tree - Leguminosae - Small tree with bright orange flowers. Blooms year round.


DELONIX REGIA - Royal Poinciana - Leguminosae - Large, spreading tree with orange to red flowers. Spring bloomer. Official flowering tree of Dade County. From Madagascar.

DILLENIA OVATA - Dilleniaceae - Bushy evergreen tree to 40 feet. Brilliant yellow flowers 5-6" across. Showy.

DOMBEYA WALLICHII - Pink Ball - Sterculiaceae - Shrub to medium tree with clusters of pink flowers that hang from stalks.


DURANTA ERECTA - Golden Dewdrop - Verbenaceae - Large shrub or small tree with blue flowers followed by attractive yellow fruit. Flowers Spring and Summer. Native.

DURANTA ERECTA 'ALBA' - Same as above. White flowers.


ERYTHRINA ABYSSINICA - Leguminosae - Medium deciduous tree with scarlet flowers. From Ethiopia to Mozambique.

ERYTHRINA AMAZONICA - Leguminosae - A large semi-deciduous tree with red flowers, blooms in late Summer and Fall. From Colombia.

ERYTHRINA BERTEROANA - Leguminosae - Medium deciduous tree with scarlet flowers. Mexico to Colombia, Cuba and West Indies.

ERYTHRINA CAFFRA - Leguminosae - Medium deciduous tree with vermilion flowers. From South Africa.

ERYTHRINA CRISTA-GALLI - Cry Baby Tree - Leguminosae - Small tree with brilliant red spiked flowers. Blooms several times a year.

ERYTHRINA HERBACEA - Coral bean Tree - Leguminosae - Large shrub/small tree with red tubular flowers.

ERYTHRINA INDICA-PICTA - Leguminosae - Large deciduous tree with attractive variegated foliage. Large waxy red flowers.

ERYTHRINA INDICA-VAR. ALBA - Fabaceae - Erect spikes of large white flowers. Blooms when the tree is leafless. White variety of Erythrina Indica. Late Winter bloomer.

ERYTHRINA PALLIDA - Pink Coral Tree - Leguminosae - Small to medium tree with willowy branches. Erect spikes of waxy, sickle-shaped, soft salmon pink flowers.

ERYTHRINA SMITHIANA - Leguminosae - small tree with red tubular flowers in terminal clusters. A relatively uncommon Erythrina.

ERYTHRINA VARIEGATA - Indian Coral Tree - Leguminosae - Medium size tree with clusters of large scarlet flowers. Winter bloomer.

Erythrinax bidwillii

EUCALYPTUS DEGLUPTA - Rainbow Gum Tree - Myrtacae - Tall tree with striking pastel colored bark.

EUCALYPTUS FICIFOLIA - Red Flowering Gum - Myrtaceae - Medium sized, wide tree with crimson flowers.

Fagrea species. “Arbora” (Loganiaceae). A 20-foot tall by 25 foot-wide tree, planted on the slope of an active volcano in Hawaii, provided us with seeds. We were told the tree was collected in the South Pacific. Around mid-March, flower spikes begin developing at the apex of each branch. By the end of April, the panicles are 8 inches tall by inches wide. Soon thereafter, 3-inch long by 2½ inch wide trumpet-shaped flowers begin opening—a pale cream the first day, maturing a few days later into a rich ochre color. The whole tree canopy is a mass of sweetly scented flowers into mid-June. Spectacular!

Freycinetia Cumingiana
Galphimia Glauca

GALPHIMIA GRACILIS - Thryallis - Malpighiaceae - Shrub to 9'. Showy yellow flowers which bloom all year. Good for hedges.

GLIRICIDIA SEPIUM - Madre' de Cacao - Fabaceae - Small to medium deciduous tree from Central America. Masses of pink flowers.

GUAIACUM OFFICINALE - Lignum vitae - Zygophyllaceae - Small, slow growing, hard-wooded tree, with blue flowers. Native.

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