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HAMELIA CUPREA - Rubiaceae - Attractive shrub 6-8'tall with orange and yellow striped bell flowers. Spring/Summer bloomer.

HAMELIA PATENS - Fire Bush - Rubiaceae - Large evergreen shrub or small tree blooms all year. Red tubular flowers. Attracts hummingbirds. Native.

HOLMSKIOLDIA SANGUINEA - Chinese Hat Plant - Verbenacae - Evergreen shrub 10-20'. Orange flowers. Hummingbird attractor.

HYMENSPORUM FLAVUM - Sweetshade - Pittosporaceae - Medium height with fragrant yellow flowers with red markings.

IPOMEA QUAMOCLIT - Star Glory - Convolvulaceae - Vine with small bright red star-like flowers. Fine threadlike foliage.

IX ACUMINATA - Rubiaceae - Large shrub with white fragrant flowers, year round bloomers.

IXORA PARVIFLORA - Rubiaceae - Small tree with clusters of white flowers tinged with pink. Fragrant. Good for the small yard.


JACARANDA CUSPIDIFOLIA - Bignoniaceae - Medium tree with deep purple, white throated flowers. Deciduous. Spring bloomer. Smaller than Mimosifolia and blooms 2-4 years from seed.

JACARANDA MIMOSIFOLIA - Jacaranda - Bignoniaceae - Large tree with lavender-purple flowers. Spring bloomer. Long juvenile period.

JACARANDA SP. - Maroon Jacaranda - Bignoniaceae - Small evergreen tree with maroon-burgundy flowers. Blooms when very young and year round. A recent introduction.

JATROPHA INTEGERRIMA - Euphorbiaceae - Large shrub/small tree with rose colored flowers. Blooms year round. Good for the small yard.

JATROPHA MULTIFIDA - Coral Plant - Euphorbiaceae - A shrub or small tree to 12', and with scarlet flowers. Full or partial sun.

JATROPHA PODAGRICA - Gout Plant - Euphorbiaceae - A small shrub with coral-red flowers.


Kigelia pinnata—Sausage Tree. This tree native to Africa has fruit that looks like sausage and hangs under the foliage. The fruit can weigh up to fifteen pounds. Wine-colored flowers dangle from the branches. Can be found growing in many soil types and is not salt tolerant. A will known tree throughout out the tropics for the fruit and flowers.

KOELREUTERIA ELEGANS - Golden Rain Tree - Sapindaceae - Medium to large tree with spikes of yellow flowers in the Fall. Salmon-colored seed pods which are very showy and last for months.

LAGERSTROEMIA FLOSS-REGINAE - Queen's Crape Myrtle - Lythraceae-Small tree has very bright rose colored sprays of Spring flowers.

LAGERSTROEMIA SPECIOSA - Queen's Crape Myrtle - Lythraceae - Medium to large tree. Lilac or pink flowers in spikes. Blooms Spring-Summer.

LAWSONIA INERMIS - Henna Tree - Lythraceae - Large shrub or small tree to 15'. Small fragrant flowers. Blooms are white or pink.

LEUCOPHYLLUM FRUTESCENS - Texas sage or Silverleaf -Scrophulariaceae - Shrub up to 8'. Bell-shaped purple flowers. Blooms in Spring and Summer.

Lonchocarpus punctatus

LONCHOCARPUS VIOLACEUS - Lancepod - Leguminosae - Small tree with lavender colored fragrant flowers. Fall bloomer.

Lonchodarpus sericeus

MARKHAMIA HILDEBRANDTII - Bignoniaceae - Evergreen shrub or tree to 30' from Uganda. Panicles of striking yellow flowers.


MEGAKEPASMA ERYTHROCHLAMYS - Brazilian red cloak - Acanthaceae - Shrub up to 8'. Red bracts with white flowers. Blooms Winter and Spring.

MELASTOMA POLYANTHEMUM - Blue Tongue - Melastomataceae - Small tree with 2" lavender flowers most of the year. The blue-black fruit attracts birds and has the delicious flavor or raspberries.

MICHELEA FUSO - Banana shrub - 8-10'.

MICHELIA CHAMPACA - Magnoliaceae - Tall, pyramid shaped evergreen tree. Fragrant yellow flowers.

MONTANOA GRANDIFLORA - White Rose - Compositae - Large shrub with multipetaled white flowers. Blooms in the Fall.


MORINGA OLEIFERA - Horseradish Tree - Moringaceae - Small tree. White flowers year round. Flowers, leaves and pods edible.

MUCUNA BENNETTI - New Guinea Creeper - Mucuna - Spectacular cleret colored vine. Cold sensitive.

MUSSAENDA ERYTHROPHYLLA 'QUEEN SIKIRIT' - Rubiaceae - Same as above except two-tone pink colored bracts.

MUSSAENDA ERYTHROPHYLLA 'ROSEA' - Tropical Flowering Dogwood - Rubiaceae - Large shrub to 10' with fragrant yellow flowers from April to November. Salmon colored.

MUSSAENDA PHILIPPICA - Rubiaceae - Same as above except white.

MYRICA CERIFERA - Wax Myrtle - Myricaceae - Florida native grows to 30', and takes salt well.

Nuxia floribunda (Loganiaceae)Common name: Kite tree Another South African native that can mature to 30 feet is expected to be smaller in our region. This evergreen likes rich soil (fertilizers!) and plenty of water to perform at its best. Small, scented, fluted flowers in 8-inch foamy, cream-colored masses envelope the whole tree for much of the winter.

Ochroma lagopus
Odontonema callistachyum
Odontonema cuspidatum

ODONTONEMA STRICTA - Firespike - Acanthaceae - Small to medium shrub, crimson red waxy spikes of flowers. Hummingbird attractor.

PACHIRA AQUATICA - Guinea Chestnut - Bombacaceae - Medium sized evergreen tree. 8 inch flowers with many red-tipped stamens bloom on and off all year. Large brown edible seed pods.

PACHIRA INSIGNIS - Bombacaceae - Large tree similar to P.aquatica but not well known. (No red tips on stamens.)

PARKINSONIA ACULEATA - Jerusalem Thorn - Leguminosae - Small, open tree. Yellow flowers. Spring and Fall bloomer.

PELTOPHORUM AFRICANUM - Leguminosae - Small tree. Fragrant yellow flowers with red calyx.

PELTOPHORUM DUBIUM - Leguminosae - Medium size tree. Bright yellow flowers. Spring bloomer.

PELTOPHORUM PTEROCARPUM - Copperpod - Leguminosae - Medium to large. Golden spikes of yellow flowers in Summer & Fall. Evergreen.

Pereskia guamacho

PETREA VOLUBILIS - Queen's Wreath - Verbenaceae - Woody vine or shrub. Wisteria-like racemes of pale lilac to purple flowers.


PITHECELLOBIUM FLEXICAULE - Texas Ebony Tree -Leguminosae- Medium shrubby ornamental tree, with spikes of fragrant yellow flowers.

Platymiscium sp

PLUMERIA - Frangipani - Apocynaceae - Small tree with fragrant flowers of various colors. Deciduous. Spring bloomer. Our largest current selection of photos and different plants

PLUMERIA RUBRA - Frangipani - Apocynaceae - Small deciduous tree with fragrant flowers. Available in a mostly pinks and reds.

Portlandia grandiflora (Rubiaceae) Common name: Glorias floridas de Cuba—the Glorious Flower of Cuba. Mature trees have been reported to grow 15 feet. It has elliptic, leathery leaves and blooms from late Spring into Fall. The flowers are 12 cm long, white tinged with pink and trumpet-shaped. The air is filled with their luscious perfume, reminiscent of warm, creamy chocolate! It is most fragrant in the evening and early morning, but can be appreciated most any time.

PSEUDOBOMBAX SP. - Bombacaceae - A new introduction from Ecuador. Striking green trunk with gold vertical stripes. To about 30'.

Pseudobombax ellipticum 

PSEUDOCALYMMA ALLIACEUM - Garlic Vine - Bignoniaceae - Evergreen vine with purple flowers. Heavy blooms in Spring & Fall.

PSYCHOTORIA NERVOSA - Wild Native Coffee - Rubiaceae.

Pterocarpus podocarpus

PUNICA GRANATUM - Pomegranate - Punicaceae - A large shrub or small evergreen tree with orange flowers. Does not fruit here.

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