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Rauvolfia caffra (Apocynaceae) Common name: Quinine tree. White-scented flowers in dense heads cover this 18 foot tall evergreen tree during South Africa’s winter into spring season. The tree grows fast and is considered showy. Our seedlings are about 3 feet tall. The leaves are large, a foot long and half as much wide, and are distinguished by a prominent mid-rib of striking white.
ROYAL POINCIANA - Delonix regia

RUELLIA CAROLINIENSIS - Cv. Pubescence - Acanthaceae - A small shrub to 3' with lilac to lavender-blue flowers. Evergreen.

RUTTYRUSFOLIA "Phyllis Van Heeden" - Acanthaceae - Shrub up to 5' tall. Spikes of bright pink flowers bloom throughout the year.

SABINEA CARINALIS - Carib Wood - Leguminosae - Small tree with showy crimson red flowers. Late Winter/early Spring bloomer.

SAMANEA SAMAN - Monkey pod or Rain Tree - Leguminosae - A magnificent evergreen tree with yellow-pink flowers.


SARITAEA MAGNIFICA - Purple Bignonia - Bignoniaceae - Climbing tropical vine or shrub, with tubular bell shaped flowers mauve to purple with yellow throat.

SCHIZOLOBIUM PARAHYBUM - Fern Tree - Leguminosae- Large tree, fern- like leaves, light yellow flowers. Mexico to Brazil.

SENNA (CASSIA) DIDYMOBOTRYA - Popcorn Cassia - Leguminosae - A large shrub with spikes of yellow flowers which bloom all year. Plant smells like buttered popcorn.

SENNA LIGUESTRINA - Leguminosae - A shrub with yellow flowers that are very attractive to butterflies.

SENNA POLYPHYLLA - Twin Senna - Leguminosae - Small, upright to weeping tree, yellow flowers. Blooms on and off all year. Great butterfly attractor.

SESBANIA GRANDIFLORA - Hummingbird Tree - Leguminosae - Small tree with feathery appearance. Red flowers. Winter bloomer.

SOLANDRA LONGIFLORA - Chalice Vine - Solanaceae - Medium shrubby vine. 10" showy upright cream-colored, trumpet-like flowers.

SOLANDRA MAXIMA - Cup of Gold - Solanaceae Large shrubby vine. Lovely huge gold, cup-shaped flowers.

SOLANUM RANTONNETII - Blue Potato Bush - Solanaceae - Medium shrub with violet flowers.

SOLANUM SEAFORTHIANUM - Star Potato Vine - Solanaceae - Small vine - shrubby climber, large star shaped lavender/purple flowers with yellow anther - scarlet fruit. Blooms throughout the year.

SOPHORA TOMENTOSA - Necklace Pod - Leguminosae - Native shrub, up to 6' with yellow blooms. Hummingbird attractor. Spring/Summer.

SPATHODEA CAMPANULATA - African Tulip Tree - Bignoniaceae - Large tree with beautiful tulip-like flowers. Heaviest bloom in Fall and Winter. Orange and grafted yellow varieties available.

STEPHANOTIS FLORIBUNDA - Asclepiadaceae - An evergreen wiry climber with beautiful waxy white tubular flowers. Fragrant.

TABEBUIA CARAIBA - Tree of Gold - Bignoniceae - Small, upright tree with bunches of beautiful gold flowers. A Spring bloomer.

Tabebuia chrysantha

TABEBUIA CHRYSOTRICHA - Golden Trumpet Tree - Bignoniaceae - Small tree, bright yellow trumpet shaped flowers. Winter bloomer.

TABEBUIA HEPTAPHYLLA - Bignoniaceae - Medium sized tree with pink to rose-purple flowers. Spring bloomer.

TABEBUIA IMPETIGINOSA (IPE) - Lavender Trumpet Tree -Bignoniaceae Medium tree with purple/pink trumpet flowers. Blooms late Winter early Spring.

TABEBUIA PALLIDA - Pink Trumpet Tree- Bignoniaceae - Small tree. Pink trumpet-like flowers. Blooms on and off all year.

TABEBUIA PALMERI - Bignoniaceae - Medium sized semi-deciduous tree with mauve colored flowers. Winter to Spring bloomer.

TABEBUIA UMBELLATA - Bignoniaceae - Small semi-deciduous tree with yellow flowers. Spring bloomer.

TABERNAEMONTANA DIVARICATA - Crape Jasmine - Apocynaceae - Shrub to 8' with double ruffled, waxy white flowers.

Tabernaemontana holstii

TAMARINDUS INDICA - Indian Tamarind - Leguminosae - Large tree up to 50'. Feathery foliage with edible fruit.

TECOMA STANS - Yellow Elder - Bignoniaceae - Small tree with bright yellow belled flowers. Blooms in Fall, Winter & Spring.

THESPESIA POPULNEA - Portia Tree - Malvaceae - Medium sized fast growing Hibiscus like flowers that open pale yellow in the morning and change to burgundy by night. Shady & salt tolerant.

THEVETIA PERUVIANA - Lucky Nut - Apocynaceae - Small tree with large fragrant yellow flowers, blooms throughout the year. Salt tolerant.

THEVETIA THEVETIODES VAR. AURANTIACA - Apocynaceae - Small evergreen tree with salmon-orange flowers blooming on and off throughout the year. Cold tolerant.

Thunbergia battescombei.
Thunbergia erecta
Thunbergia gregorii

TIBOUCHINA SP. - Melastomaceae - Small shrub to 4', has pretty foliage. Produces several crops of deep, intense purple flowers.

Tibouchina urvilleana

TITHONIA DIVERSIFOLIA - Mexican Bush Daisy - Compositae - Large shrub with bright yellow sunflower-like flowers. Fall-Winter bloomer. A great "hide-it" plant.

TRIPLARIS CUMINGIANA - Long John- Polygonaceae - Tall, columnar tree with racemes of rosy-red, long lasting flowers. Blooms late Winter-early Spring.

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